Company Technical Report

    This company report is a result of a two-day Teams Training seminar covering the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) Problem Solving technique.  All students at MTA attended this two-day seminar to learn the processes of the PDSA technique and applied them to a hypothetical situation.  Groups of students were then sent out to companies to solve real-world problems.  In the three days that students spent in the companies, the expectation was to analyze the problem given in the company's problem statement, find the root cause, and recommend viable solutions with justification.  This report summarizes all the steps of the problem solving process and explains the team's final recommended solution.

The English skills utilized in this project include:
  • Demonstrate flexibility in using independent and collaborative strategies for planning, drafting, revising, and editing complex texts. 
  • Know and use a variety of prewriting strategies to generate, focus, and organize ideas (e.g., free writing, clustering/mapping, talking with others, brainstorming, outlining, developing graphic organizers, taking notes, summarizing, paraphrasing). 
  • Select and use language that is appropriate (e.g., formal, informal, literary, or technical) for the purpose, audience, and context of the text, speech, or visual representation (e.g., letter to editor, proposal, poem, or digital story).
  • Compose drafts that convey an impression, express an opinion, raise a question, argue a position, explore a topic, tell a story, or serve another purpose, while simultaneously considering the constraints and possibilities (e.g., structure, language, use of conventions of grammar, usage, and mechanics) of the selected form or genre. 
  • Revise drafts to more fully and/or precisely convey meaning—drawing on response from others, self-reflection, and reading one’s own work with the eye of a reader; then refine the text— deleting and/or reorganizing ideas, and addressing potential readers’ questions. 
  • Reorganize sentence elements as needed and choose grammatical and stylistic options that provide sentence variety, fluency, and flow. 
  • Edit for style, tone, and word choice (specificity, variety, accuracy, appropriateness, conciseness) and for conventions of grammar, usage and mechanics that are appropriate for audience. 
  • Proofread to check spelling, layout, and font; and prepare selected pieces for a public audience.
  • Participate collaboratively and productively in groups (e.g., response groups, work teams, discussion groups, and committees)—fulfilling roles and responsibilities, posing relevant questions, giving and following instructions, acknowledging and building on ideas and contributions of others to answer questions or to solve problems, and offering dissent courteously. 
  • Evaluate own and others’ effectiveness in group discussions and formal presentations (e.g., considering accuracy, relevance, clarity, and delivery; types of arguments used; and relationships among purpose, audience, and content). 
  • Use technology tools (e.g, word processing, presentation and multimedia software) to produce polished written and multimedia work (e.g., literary and expository works, proposals, business presentations, advertisements). 
  • Respond to and use feedback to strengthen written and multimedia presentations (e.g., clarify and defend ideas, expand on a topic, use logical arguments, modify organization, evaluate effectiveness of images, set goals for future presentations).
  • Develop and apply personal, shared, and academic criteria to evaluate own and others’ oral, written, and visual texts.

The Employability skills utilized in this project include:
  • Schedule time to meet task/project deadlines
  • Identify and define problems/issues
  • Generate & select from alternative strategies to solve problems
  • Consider the consequences of actions
  • Make informed decisions
  • Exhibit good work ethic

    This report has been included in my portfolio to demonstrate my capabilities in the English and Employability skills listed above.  This project allowed me to exercise my use of many English standards as well as expand my ability to work well in a group setting, guide my own work, and accept the productive criticism from my peers.  I believe this project adequately displays the skills I have acquired in the English subject and in my Employability characteristics.

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